About Us


About Us:

Lala Motifs was established in the hope of providing accessories for every girl and woman to wear with pride.  We do not simply provide accessories for your body, but for your abode, too!  Lala Motifs is one convenient location to find a little treasure for YOUR style; we have teamed up passionate and immensely talented designers to create such treasures for every style out there.  In today’s time and society, depression and suicide rates are high with stereotypes and peer pressures for all ages.  We don’t say get rid of all the labels, rather wear them.  Embrace your style, even if there is no label for your unique taste.  You may fall under a combination of our collections.  So, mix it up, embrace the inner Goddess in YOU, and wear it with pride.  Don’t just own it, WORK IT LADIES!


Designer (Novelty).  She is passionate about enjoying the small things in life.  She is a true bohemian and designs unconventional and fun products!


Designer.  Billie specializes in designer, steam-punk and goth collections. She loves to work with feathers, gears and is passionate about art and design.  You can refer to her facebook page to keep up with her newest designs:

“Rock-A-Billie’s Lost & Found”

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CEO, Founder and Designer.  Cassey is inspired by genuine, compassionate, honest people, music, and people with a passion for talent.  Cassey’s passion is to provide stunning accessories, yet affordable for every type of girl and woman.  In part, I was inspired to create this business ironically, from a song I was not fond of, and has now become one of my favorites:  “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.  When it was first released years ago, I thought it was another song, but it wasn’t until I watched the version of her singing live on you tube, that I truly, and not only, heard the lyrics-but felt them!  “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, NO MATTER WHAT…” became the core concept of Lala Motifs.  Please, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4wvf4T9yRY.  Please, like us on facebook and share with as many girls/women as you can!

“Lala ForHer”

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“Lala Motifs for EVERY Goddess”

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Designer.  Charissa is passionate about her artwork.  Her years of experience with numerous arts and crafts reflect in her variations of paintings.  She also enjoys designing beanies!


Designer.  Jenny creates novelty items and handcrafted jewelry inspired by nature.

“Tiny Dog Media”

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Designer.  Tara designs a diverse range of décor.  She is inspired by new and old unique designs, and finds a way to challenge herself to make something new! She is passionate about home décor-such as her crocheted mermaid blankets and twine-weaved hanging lanterns! She even enjoys hand-crafting jewelry! You will be bound to find something to decorate yourself or abode with, no matter what your style is with one of Tara’s designs!  You can refer to her facebook page to keep up with her newest designs:


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Aracelis is one of the photographers of Lala Motifs.  She is a versatile artist,  a lover of beauty who gives us nature, enjoys art, writing and interior decoration. Her passion is photography, a work she does with a lot of passion and dedication. Check out her Instagram Profile to see more of her photos!
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Contact Us:

 Email: info@lalamotifs.com